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Some studio photos I took of my Cannondale Quick Carbon 1
Beauty. I don't have much experience with disc brakes, how do you like them on your ride?
And I meant to say top end Avid mechanical disc system, cable actuated.
I love them... but. Magura doesn't allow you to adjust the caliper distance - pad from rotor - and I've had issues with the front rotor rubbing. Also since I am a street rider I don't need the insane stopping power of hydraulic brakes when you consider that the maintenance requires a whole new level of tech know-how. line bleeding lines, etc... I'm considering moving to the top end Avid/SRAM system. or looking into their hydraulic systems. Shimano has a new cyclocross and road hydraulic systems now. But I am a little ticked at Shimano over the shifters on my bike. lol. long story. I guess you could say that I love disc brakes.