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THE INSIDE LANE - Bike Porn - Cannondale Quick Carbon 1 - Green Screen Shoot

I brought my Cannondale Quick Carbon 1 into my studio to shoot some green screen photos - to allow me to put my bicycle in interesting environments.
I have a little bit of experience in photoshop, but I am no means an expert. I think you put these together well, there is not much physical evidence that you inserted the bike into the images. That being said, personally I think the lighting is off in a few of them. Not just the shadow but the exposure of the bike doesn't always match these settings. That's just what I see, I think these are great though!
Good point. Thanks. I've already modified this bike's drive train. Changed the cassette to an Ultegra 11-24 Changed chainrings to 52-36 Changed the front derailleur to an Ultegra (braze-on) from the 105. The rear is already an Ultegra. Dura Ace pedals Easton 130mm Carbon stem (EC90SL) And I have modified the Shimano Rapid-Fire shifters - removing the gear indicators.
Gah, these are sick man. The only suggestion I would have is maybe do some driveside shots. People usually like to see the groupset
typically the plate would be shot with the main subject in mind, or the main subject lit to match the plate - if it's an SFX shot. I was just playing around with various backgrounds without worrying about the lighting. You are absolutely right, some work better than others.
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