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day 2 of b&w photo challenge: I love the cool weather in Santa Barbara right now! Living right next to the beach is wonderful, but sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to wear a knit sweater :) I snapped this picture while relaxing at the park. I was listening to A Boy & His Kite, specifically their song "Ways" (Listen to it here, it's ssoooo good: Really enjoying this B&W photo challenge. I tag @photogandy to the Black and White photo challenge! Post a B&W photo for 5 days and tag a person each day~
@TechAtHeart @photogandy I'm at the very end of PCH - San Diego!! We're certainly lucky to call somewhere like this home :)
Gorgeous shot @TechAtHeart!
@techatheart, I'm from L.A., just a little south, as a kid we used to take day trips up PCH, beautiful road, missing west coast sunsets.
@techatheart I accept the black and white, and you're making me kind of home
@asparagus you're so nice, thanks. @caricakes I love SD! :)
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