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Woah, I just read this article over at ars technica about an Australian Doctor that is wanting to launch an SMS service West Africa that would be able to detect the next Ebola outbreak zones.This service would detect the zones through keywords and then alert local health centers as well as local citizens so they can get the resources that they need. It doesn't sound like a bad idea, and like the article stated, most people have a phone nowadays, so SMS alerts are a good way to reach out during emergencies. I wonder though, how they would be accessing the keywords, would be be reading their text messages? Hmm... .
Hmm if it's just sending out mass SMS then I think it is a great idea!
I wonder if this would cause more panic than help: there seem like there might be better ways to monitor outbreaks than actually using this kind of app.
Sounds a little big-brother-ish but if it helps control it in W Africa it could save lives so I'm torn :/
Yeah, I guess sending SMS alerts wouldn't be bad, but I agree @caricakes @nehapatel :/