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For bakers and sweet lovers out there. Chocolate prices may insidiously rise during the holiday season. According to PBS the price of a Kit-Kat has shot up 10 cents before Halloween. People are linking this to the Ebola outbreak. "The countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast produce 70 percent of the world’s cocoa. The neighboring nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have been hit hard by the Ebola virus." According to economist, it's not the concern of cocoa shortage. Cocoa traders are making money from Ebola scare. Hence, Suppliers realized they could charge more for cocoa and buyers would still be willing to pay. Suddenly, people are paying premium price for raw products that's not even scarce. Attached is Paul’s Making Sen$e segment explaining the psychology behind the choloate price raise. Source: PBS, Guardian Liberty Voice Photo by Flickr user Food Thinkers.
This is really, really stupid. It's a fact of the world's economy that fluctuations like this will occur, but for those selling to capitalize on such an event? Not okay in my books.
Oh boy this is getting out of hand. I can understand being cautious about something as dangerous as Ebola, but this is capitalizing on fear!
Omg nooo, I can't live with pricy chocolate!!! :'c My love and lust for chocolate is dying because of that..!!
That is dumb.
What?! That's crazy, how would you even get it from eating chocolate? :/
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