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I think he needs something stronger than ice for that burn lol XD -
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@SakuraBlossom96 ugh my list just keeps getting bigger, I just added a brand new anime that's pretty cool to my list which makes like 20, so many amines so little time :(
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@MattK95 I have so many lists it's crazy ridiculous. Kdramas, animes, mangas, and now even webtoons! It's great to be a part of it all but geez! I'll probably still be catching up in my death bed -.-
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@SakuraBlossom96 Well at least you'll have something to do XD
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@MattK95 Till death do us part, I'll be reading subtitles :c
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@SakuraBlossom96 @MattK95 Good luck to us all!!!
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