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The clock struck midnight, and now it's Halloween night Filled with lots of terror, stuffed with tons of fright Now it's dark, hey did somebody turn off the lights? Footsteps heard creeping slowly so I now begin to worry Darker than the hole in which my body will soon be buried Hit the floor cuz he just hit me with an enormous cherry Wake up some hours later I think I'm on a ferry Can't tell what's going on around me and I can't keep it steady Hear him whisper how he's been killing to use his new machete Damn this life just started, can I be dead already? Right then the waves must have stopped cuz the boat straightened out, Looking straight at him now, takes off his mask I see his face, I'm done without a doubt Walks over, stands me up, has a chuckle, then he screams, You are an idiot it seems, can't you see it's Halloween!
thanks everyone! I appreciate all of the feedback! @timeturnerjones that's for you too decide ;) @sophiamor lol well I'm glad you enjoyed it and didn't get too scared! @greggr yes I did, thank you for giving me the prompt, you sparked these ideas! @nehapetal thank you! It is cool, I enjoyed being part. thanks for the criticism, I'll think of that in my next piece!
@GeorgeJensenJr For the sake of me not being afraid? Im going to go with that it qas a joke!
@GeorgeJensenJr I hope to see more of this kind of interaction and sharing of ideas in the creative writing community in the future.
Besides the repetitive feeling of "night" in the first line (can we just say "Now its halloween?) I really enjoyed this. This is from @greggr 's prompt ideas? Very cool idea; I'll think about joining in the future.
Now that is one elaborate prank! I like the use of the typical "scary aspects" only to bring us to a not-so-typical ending! Interesting piece; I hope you enjoyed taking part.
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