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missing you all
I miss when everybody was together I miss the time when heyeet was my favorite word I miss the times when used to look at the sky and think about kris because of "Galaxy" I miss when I think about ninja and sword I think about Tao I miss when I see a skittles all I think about is sehun's hair I really miss lay!!! Cos I can't even eat the chips no more I miss "its okay that's love" cos of my D.O best acting I really miss everything i can't even explain how much I wish no one had separated I wish everything go back to how it used to be when WOLF just came out Together again? Maybe?
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Me too, but I know that slowly everyone is getting what they want. Luhan and Kris are happier now and everything will work out :)
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Yup as long as their happy, I just hope. The rest continues on
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