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Okay - I rounded up some of the best Insta and Twitter updates of random celebrity costumes for Halloween this year, and I am mostly confused. Katy Perry never makes much sense to me but...a Sad Cheeto? What? Taylor Swift was smart enough to not do anything NYC related, and instead went as a Pegacorn. Flawless Beyonce was Janet Jackson... ...while Blue Ivy was MJ. Definitely winning the cutest costume award in my book. Meanwhile, Kanye and Kim's daughter was Pepe Le Pew! J Beibs (the taller one) was a Power Ranger Nicki Minaj was a teacher's pet (I can't get the sarcasm in her update, Im not 100% sure if she's being serious haha) Ed Sheeran was Austin Powers. Nice way to ues your natural hair color I guess? and by far my favorite: Aly and AJ went as Romy and Michelle! First off, I didn't know Aly and AJ were still on earth (sorry girls!) and second, I haven't seen this movie in an actual decade. This needs to change. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!! Who did I miss? What were your favorite costumes this year?
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Ed Sheeran is spot on!
These are wonderful, and yes Blue Ivy is too cute!
Aly and AJ look so cute!!! I had forgotren about them, too. Almost time to pull out their christmas album :)
smart enough not to do anything NYC related <---- hahaha. very true
I don't get the sad cheeto thing either??
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