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Ha Ji Won Wears Luxurious Fur Coat At Filming Location
While the rest of the cast wear waterproof jackets. Doesn't it look great on her? Quite befitting for a Queen~ But why do they wear such thick jackets while filming indoor???
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yes, she is just awesome!
5 years ago·Reply
she's a Queen, no matter what...
5 years ago·Reply
indeed they filming in indoor but, sometime they dont have a heater. so they still need thick jacket like that. sometimes you can see their steam breath...
5 years ago·Reply
i miss watching them... the intense scene... the love...everything about TK2H :(
5 years ago·Reply
yea I just finished doing live recap for I do I do which makes me miss K2H too since this is also a wed-thur drama at the same time slot. *sigh* when will I see more of LSG x HJW's goodness???
5 years ago·Reply