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One of my favorite things to check on twitter is the hashtag parties that come out of Comedy Centrals @midnight show, which always make it into my twitter feed! Today for Halloween there was a "Scary Stories in 5 Words" trend spreading, and they were all cracking me up!! I picked out a few of my favorites, and put them here for you: what do you think? @greggr @DanielRivera @GeorgeJensenJr I feel our creative writing community might be able to get a bit more creative than them, eh? Even if it's just 5 words!
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Ha! These made me chuckle @timeturnerjones But I'm not sure I could make it through with just 5 words: maybe if I could do a series of 5 word tweets!
Lol those are great! when I saw this I wanted to try a scary one : "Laughter lone accompanied the darkness" mwahaha
@GeorgeJensenJr That one is certainly creepy!
@Spudsy2061 He did let you down!! @sophiamor it is indeed :) @greggr @GeorgeJensenJr lol this is great, thankd guys!! Guess you can be spooky in 5 words~~!
Oh gosh these are too funny! The one about ice cream would be me haha!