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I directed a music video for Norway's Karnival Korpus. Shot on two continents - in Norway and in Los Angeles - all the car scenes were done with green screens. The crashes and chases - because of budget - is footage from other sources. The entire video is rotoscoped - frame-by-frame animated - to avoid copyright issues. It became an original work - not derivative of any of the other sources. Professional bassist and former fitness competitor @falcon4daisy starred along with the members of the band. It was a fun project. I hope you like it!
@JonPatrickHyde Yeahhhh, this is rad! It looks like everyone had so much fun with it too. The transitions from green screen to that footage are really smooth too. (Also props to lady bassists. I grew up really wanting to play the bass myself. Melissa Auf Der Maur and Kim Deal are two of my favorite lady bassists.)
@danidee - this video is really the first full color rotoscope project I've created - and there are several aspects to this video I wasn't about to do - because the software tools I needed hadn't been created at the time. I'm actually thinking about going back and doing a new version of this cut. But then this is about 60 hours worth of work just to take what I've already done and render a new version.