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Take a second to listen to this idea before you say "no way!!" This video from The Economist introduces an interesting perspective: insects are healthier to eat, less expensive to produce, and more sustainable than traditional livestock. There are already billions of people who already enjoy insects as part of their meals, but the western world seems more than hesitant! More than 1,000 insects are known to be eaten by choice around the world, in 80% of nations. What does a diet in insects give you? High levels of protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as the clean conscious that by eating insects, you are helping lower the environmental impact of partaking in the "livestock market" that comes with other types of meat and protein. So, what should you try first? These are all edible, and relatively easy to find: - Mealworm - Wax mother larvae - Brown house crickets - June, dung, or rhinoceros beetles - Bees in brood (aka larvae form!) - Ants - Grasshoppers - Stinkbugs But if you're looking for something more palatable, this might do it! Try making some mealworm flour for any baking recipe: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mealworm-Flour/ such as this chocolate chip cookie recipe: http://siarchives.si.edu/blog/mealworm-chocolate-chip-cookies-anyone
Not to be gross, but I've definitely eaten a peach off my neighbors peach tree and only noticed the little bugs in it after I had a few bites. Didn't taste bad...
it is so gross to eat any creatures....
Tried some silk worm larvae in Korea and it wasn't bad. But the things on that list don't sound very appetizing
@timeturnerjones perhaps it's a mental factor, but I can't take away the thought of these creepy crawlers.
@pipeline We eat more bugs than we realize every day! @TechAtHeart I think the mental factor causes a big problem with the taste lol. @stargaze No judgement here!!!
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