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Fafoutis is Greek for "Toothless". Any questions about how I came up with that name... just look at the photos. You'll understand why. A gentle giant, at one year old he's 15 lbs. Sweet, playful, and fiercely independent... he is everything that makes Maine Coons the special breed they are.
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@JonPatrickHyde A real live toothless!!!! Ahhh this is the greatest :) cute cat~~
That is a fantastic name for a cat! Toothless is kind of like a big cat if you think about it
hikaymm - actually the animator that was mostly responsible for creating Toothless said that his cat was a big influence in how Toothless moved and some of his behaviors. He totally reminded me of a cat for sure. :D
What an awesome looking and playful cat. I only had one teeny tiny bad experience with a Maine Coon. She slashed my eye with her claw and I was lucky not to lose it or go blind. Painful!!!
Beautiful boy! And I love that name, I can definitely see the resemblance! Is it unusual for him to be so big at just one year old?