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Halloween Candy Buy Back Program
Kids probably collected an impressive amount of candy last night. It was fun going around the neighborhood to see Halloween decorations and eat a few sweet treats that were collected. However, what do you with all the candy Parents, good news. Nearly 3,000 dentists nationwide are paying cash for your kids' candy. In 2007, Dentist Charles Kammer established the Halloween Cashback Program to encourage kids to stay away from the glut of candy. Each pound of candy will result in $1 cashback. The candy are then donated to troops as part of care packages through Operation Gratitude. See if your local dentist is part of this program. More information can be found on the website:
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This is a pretty good cause for kids to practice. I always end up throwing out the candy because it sits there for too long.
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What an awesome program! This is perfect for us... our son is too little to eat the candy. Although really we don't ever want him to eat all that candy. This is a great alternative!
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