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Have you realized how laughing is so natural and pure but theres irony in it. I mean when something, whatever it is, actually strikes you and you can't help but to laugh, your very own personal take on the great song of laughter "ha ha ha" is quite a funny instinctive reaction in itself to wonder about.
@WyattHaste He look like my Andy
@WyattHaste It is really cool!! I remember when I was studyinf french the sound used to represent laughter was different just like the sounds used to represent a cow mooing or cat meowing was, too. Our world's are totally based on hundreds of different individual perceptions!
How true! We all do laugh in such different ways! But how can we explain that difference in a simple "She laughed."?
That's cool to think about lol I never thought like their sounds like a moo or whatever would be different too.
exactly I like to think about that stuff like how different each of our laughs are it's funny idk I thought it was cool to think about lol.