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it's my favourite song..and the lyrics actually shake my heart.. it is a very old song from the movie "masoom" (meaning innocent) -1983..sung by Lata Mangeshkar..who is a legend in herself. i've tried to translate the lyrics and hope you like it!! ** life, i'm not angry with you.. simply baffled.. i'm perplexed by the innocent questions you pose to me... i had never thought that in order to live, i would have to bear so much pain.. if i were to ever smile, then i would be indebted for that too.. and whenever i smile,it feels like my lips are burdened... life.. the sadness that you bought my way..taught me new relations..those whom we met were like shadows in the sun.. life..i'm not upset with you..just astonished and if today my eyes get filled with tears then they will pour down like the rain.. who knows tomorrow, for whom my eyes may long.. i really don't know when and where i lost that one tear that i had hidden ** i have never seen the movie..yet the song hurts.. especially the last stanza.. which kinda says "let me cry for you because who knows what will happen tomorrow"
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luv this song