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When the leaves turn red and the wind blows colder, we know it’s the beginning of the Autumn season. The season which gives a feeling of sadness, gloom, and a longing for a special someone always seems to inspire artists to compose a sad ballad song that reminds you of someone you love. To welcome the autumn season, here are some of 2014 K-pop songs to accompany you during the season. GIRL’S DAY – “I Miss You” The title says it all. The new ballad from Girls Day tells a story of a girl who has been holding the pain of a break up with her lover. The medium tempo ballad is full of sentimental lyrics screaming out a sense of longing for a former lover. The song is completed with a melancholic piano arrangement to project a mixed feeling brought about by love, separation and tears. BEAST – “12.30″ After releasing their dance song “Good Luck” the six member-group are now back with a ballad song called “12.30″. The song confesses about someone who finds that his girl has changed. The fear of losing someone is described well and is reflected in the lyrics which illustrates a kind of poisonous love which makes a person unsure about the future. The story is expressed well by the tender voice of Yeoseob and rap from Junhyung. You can check out the acting skill by the leader Doojoon in the gloomy and dark MV below. 2AM – “Over The Destiny” “Over The Destiny” is a newly released single from ballad group 2AM. As expected from 2AM, the voice of Jokwon, Changmin, Seolong and Jiwoon mix well and create a set of harmonious and sad melodies. Their emotional voice confess a longing for someone after the separation with his other half and hoping that she will return to him like the warm spring sunlight. The song itself is a title song for 2AM new album with the same title. Akdong Musician – “Time and Fallen leaves” The sibling duo from YG Entertainment fills the autumn season with their single “Time and Fallen leaves”. Being different as usual, the siblings ignore the love theme of fall and fills their gloomy song with a reminisce of past memories. The acoustic guitar and strings arrangement enrich the vocals of Lee Soohyun who expresses her desire to go back in time. EPIK HIGH – “Happen Ending” The veteran Hip Hop group EPIK HIGH bring a theme about a difficult relationship in their new single, “Happen Ending”. Instead of cliche words, the group use honest and straightforward words to speak out their mind. The lyrics tells about the confusion of someone who finds himself lost in a relationship yet is determined to have a happy ending. g.o.d – “Wind” The legendary group g.o.d added another ballad song into their collection. “Wind” is a an acoustic R&B which people say can not be sung by others except for g.o.d themselves. Unlike other songs which give out negative feelings, g.o.d tried to convey the positive message as the wind start to blow again in autumn. The melancholic lyrics reflects the wind which brings back memory without warning and wraps one in a trauma of bad memories. The song however has a positive message of how someone can fight to defeat his fear even when it surrounds him like the wind. WINNER – “Color Ring” Color Ring is another single from WINNER, the newly debuted group from YG Entertainment. A story of someone who has been left behind is conveyed beautifully in the lyric which is full of a feeling of hopelessness, confusion and helplessness in trying to win back his past love. The song ends beautifully with a sad sounds of rain after an emotional rap from Minoo, begging for a good bye message from his loved one. Roy Kim – “When Autumn Comes” The winner of Super Star K, Roy Kim is back with his soothing voice in “When Autumn Comes”. The lyrics describe exactly the feeling of Autumn – of leaves starting to turn yellow and the hearts getting colder. The hope of always being with people you love creeps in as the lyric float naturally with the simply beautiful arrangement of strings and guitar. Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!
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Great list of songs for Autumn!!