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The Topcoat This classic coat isn't just for throwing on over suits anymore. In fact, everything from your denim to your sweats can be eleveated to evening appropriate when topped off with this elegant wardrobe. The Snorkel Jacket The aircraft-carrier deck crews who first wore these no-nonsense parkas christened them with their unusual name because when the hood was fully zipped, it allowed only a small, snorkel-like space to see out of. Needless to say, when the weather gets really rough, this is your guy. The peacoat. Dense wind-blocking wool and an oversize collar once made the peacoat as necessary as rum and hardtack on board frozen ships. For landlubbrs today, these features make it one of the most versatile outerwear options out there. Image Courtesty: JCrew
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Peacoat is a classic staple for both men and women.
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