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There is definitely something to be said about the way Kpop albums are presented, compared to most of what the western worlds artists albums look like. The albums themselves are just another one of the reasons why I love Kpop so much. Ok so reading left to right top to bottom they are... Mono Scandal - U-Kiss Love & Hate - Jun. K I Loved... Have No Regrets - Gummy And&End - T-ara Solo Day - B1A4 Alive - Bigbang Magazine - Ailee Modern Times - IU Crush - 2NE1 Short Hair - AOA A Flower Bookmark - IU Rebirth - Nu'est Play - Akdong Musicians Broken - MBLAQ Lonely - B1A4 Love & Hate - Hyolyn (Hyorin) Her - Block B Pink Tape - F(x) Red Light - F(x) Let's Talk About Love - Seungri Touch & Move - Sistar Rise - Taeyang Dark & Wild - BTS Tense - TVXQ 4Minute World - 4Minute Coup D' etat - G-Dragon Overdose - EXO Evolution - Jay Park So yeah that's my collection... So far, 28 in all unless I miscounted I have way more than this on my laptop, this is just my hard copy albums. I can't wait to get more, hopefully I'll get some for Christmas, fingers crossed :) I'd love to know what you guys have in your collections :) Sorry for poor photo quality, the shine on some of these albums made photographing them pretty tough.
@kpopandkimchi yeah I have soo much more on my computer but, I try to support them by getting physical albums when I can
waaaa daebak!!!
Whoa I am so jealous hahaha I only have one Infinite and 3 vixx albums :) I have most of these on my computer but I'd love physical copies!