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This is what longboarding is all about. Don't do it because everybody else is, do it because you want to.
If you look at Original's youtube videos the comment section is chalk full of great responses. They take criticism, give good suggestions, and generally reply to ever serious comment that they can. When so many companies just never respond, I really like what they are doing
I love this b/c it applies to me so well. Living in south jersey, there are almost no hills and nobody I know of long boards. My whole family plays basketball and soccer. I was the black sheep and while I did play soccer, I wrestled and started skating. But I never would like the flips as much as I did cruising on a smooth rode. When tried a longboard for the first time last summer, I felt like I found my calling. It was exactly what I didn't know I was looking for after just thinking its a longer skateboard. Original did I good job of reminding people where their name came from and why they chose it
Amen, I enjoy all the different styles that people ride.