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This guy is a trip! He only has one thing on his little cat mind - play! He plays and plays and then plays some more.
Thank you for sharing Willie with us, I live with six Chihuahuas. ..and used to have my "ROSIE", she was about a 18lb cat long hair, and she kept all the puppies in line...she would play with the babies, only when they started walking..she used to whip her tail around and let the puppies play, just like they were her kittens, and so gentle with them...I guess your Willie just reminded me of her because she was so playful like he thanks again, for bringing back so many years of memories. ....thanks Willie!!!!!
He's a sweet but big baby. He's a Maine Coon - so right now he's about 14lbs. He's never once bit me hard when we play. BTW - he's the only one who wants to play like that. And he never puts his claws out. He's so gentle.
Gosh, I can't get over the cuteness. He looks like a tiger at 2:58 haha
@JonPatrickHyde wow I did not expect him to weigh that much! big but friendly! :-)