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[1st-Nov-14] Live Card: Columbus-New England (MLS Eastern Conference Semi-Final 1st Leg)

The third of four live reports on the day sees an in form Columbus Crew take on a transformed New England Revolution in the 1st leg of the MLS Eastern Conference Semi-Final.. Refresh regularly for updates. 1' - Underway here from Columbus. Who will win this match to give themselves the advantage? 3' - Columbus with a corner early but it comes to nothing. 5' - New England with a chance on a ball that runs across the face of goal but it's cleared by the Columbus defense. 10' - Columbus has had the opportunity to march into the New England half but they can't seem to string enough quality together to link up a shot on it. 12' - Harsh foul on Higuain there. 14' - Revs building the attack here before lofting a ball out to end their display. 17' - Fouls on both ends are ending promising runs. Game was lively in the opening 5 but has since been a little stale. 18' - New England with a chance! Play on the right is brought between two defender and into the box before a back heel cut back give the Revs two shots towards goal, the later of which deflects wide. Resulting corner dissipates before the Columbus counter is bundled over. Goncalves is show the yellow for New England. 22' - Davies has a pop from the edge of the box but the Columbus keeper has it. 24' - New England attach builds on the right but is again dispossessed and cleared by the Columbus back four. Midfield collapsing back onto the ball well too. 26' - Columbus win a dangerous free kick here. It's about a yard too high and the chance is over. 28' - Wonderful back heel touch puts Columbus in the box with a look but it's swept behind. Corner is not cleared very well and a howler from the defender gives Columbus a chance before it's behind for another corner. It's cleared before Columbus re-take possession and come back down for a shot THAT HITS THE BAR! My word that was a real chance. 30' - Revs back up field and a back heel of their own allows a chance on the far post but the curling effort is too high and wide. 34' - New England win a free kick about 35 yards out, it's whipped in between the lines and no one picks up Davies who has all the space in the world to place his diving header. He doesn't waste it and SCORES! Columbus 0-1 New England 39' - Columbus have won a corner on the left side after some run with the ball. The goalkeeper is fouled on the resulting play, wasting the chance. 43' - Ball's been traded a bunch in midfield but the Revs finally get a break on the left going with Jones running in towards the box, winning a corner. It's cleared but not before some rough play gifts a freekick back to New England in the attacking third. 45' - Another corner for New England is cleared. 1 minute of added time to be played. Half-Time Columbus 0-1 New England Analysis: Columbus has had some promising play but New England are worth their lead. The ball into the box from the free kick was one asking to be scored with, especially after Columbus failed to mark Davies. Columbus need more pace in the midfield. 46' - Back underway here. Columbus need an answer to not going into the 2nd leg a goal and away goal down. 49' - Schoenfield had a go but it takes a deflection and into the New England keeper. Goncalves in the resulting play commits and ugly foul. He is VERY lucky not to be off here. 50' - New England win a free kick at the edge of the box. A chance here to really grab this conference semi-final by the throat. 51' - Tierney winds up and fires and SCORES from the free kick. New England flying here. Columbus 0-2 New England 54' - Revs have the ball deep but surrender it and Columbus is on the break before it's ended in the attacking third by the defense. Open game here. 57' - Tackles are flying in before a chance for Columbus is cleared. They've won a corner. 59' - The corner was cleared out before a shot from the defender hit the ref and was cleared. 63' - The Revs are pressing very hard, very high up the pitch and Columbus just hasn't had an answer. 64' - Columbus pressing on the right get a ball in the number 10 lets rolls through to Meram who has a wide open net and SCORES. Columbus on the board now. Columbus 1-2 New England 67' - New England win a free kick that they pump into the box but the Columbus keeper has it. 69' - Jimenez is off Gehrig is on for Columbus. 70' - Columbus have a chance here but the attack is lost and the Revs are on the break. Nguyen is into the box and after some lazy closing down by Columbus he puts a shot on and SCORES. Surely lights out now if Columbus can't find another goal. Columbus 1-3 New England 71' - Francis was booked for the play leading up to the goal with an off the ball foul. Columbus come down field and win a scrappy ball before getting a shot on the near post but it's saved. 73' - Francis is off for Anor for Columbus here. 74' - New England swap Alston for Rowe. Good game form Rowe. 75' - BIG chance for the Crew to be in on goal but it's flagged down as offsides. 79' - Wahl is off for Arrieta and Columbus have made all subs but it's too little too late as a New England counter allowed Davis a lot of space to place a shot, which he does INTO THE FAR CORNER from 20 yards out. This tie is pretty much over. Columbus 1-4 New England 82' - New England have put Mullins in for Davies and still have 1 sub. 84' - Columbus have a free kick from 22 yards but it's off the wall. The corner results in a loose ball in the mixer but it's cleared. Columbus bring it back and win a free kick towards the touch that is grasped by the keeper. 87' - Columbus brings the ball forward and the man goes down in the box. That looked a certain penalty. Refereeing has been slightly dodgy but that was a penalty not given. 89' - Revs make their final change. Diago is on for Nguyen. 90' - New England have a corner here in the final minute of regulation. It's taken short but they win a free kick on a foul. 4 minutes of stoppage time to be played. 90' + 3' - Columbus forward and a cross goes off a hand. PENALTY GIVEN TO COLUMBUS. Replay shows it's the right call. 90' + 4' - Higuain SCORES from the spot. Also, Anor was booked earlier but I must have missed it. Columbus 2-4 New England Full Time Columbus 2-4 New England Analysis: Columbus are down but not entirely out but they will feel hard done by this. New England deserve their win but not 4 goals and I feel Crew fans will gripe, deservedly so, that the Revs had a 12th man in the referee. The Revs played good though, and they really pressed in midfield. Columbus lacked pace and were shocking on the defense. Revs have 1 hand on a Conference Final berth.
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