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This seems like a popular question among people who are looking to start programming. I began with Python, but only because my university's Intro to Computer Science class is taught in Python. To be completely honest though, I personally felt that C++ has been the most helpful. I'm no expert, though. There's different debates about which one is the best to begin with. Another important thing to consider is, of course, what you want to to with programming. Are you looking to get into mobile development? Web development? Databases? etc. Some of these require specific languages. For example, android app development requires Java. From what the Computer Science adviser at my campus explained, they believe Python is the best programming language for beginning students because it is fun and easy to learn. I agree. I remember really enjoying my Python class, and it motivated me to continue with Computer Science. Any programmers have some wisdom to share? What programming language did you start with? Which one would you recommend to beginners?
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@patrickballeux thanks! that is so true, master the concepts and you can use any language. I didn't learn Java until later, but I definitely see what you mean. please keep sharing your wisdom :-)
@patrickballeux @csgeek I'm going to take these into consideration. I dabbled with Java because I was curious about android but I feel like I don't have enough foundation to really excel with the programming. I'm more of a web person, but like you said @patrickballeux I feel that languages such as javascript have not prepared me for software development world. It requires much more than I realize, but I'm willing to learn! One of the reasons why I decided to dual boot my PC with Linux so I can experiment. Props to you programmers, you have such an important skill in our day and age ^^
i started with C, good start though. I then easily picked Java and now it becomes my favorite programming language.
I started with Python and I must say it's a great language for beginners. It is straight-forward with its simple syntax, is incredibly readable incase you come across a bug or reread an old code, great for small simple programs, and easy to learn the basics of programming. It's easy to run the code anywhere you want, especially on linux. I really do think it's perfect for getting your feet wet.
@BangNguyen, Java is great as well! @Suva, I agree I enjoyed python. Even though my first class consisted of playing around with cTurtle and it was easy enough for me to use and feel like I was actually doing something.