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I'm gonna skate to my local closest gas station, pick up some clif bars and Gatorade, and practice some freestyle/dancing. I've been learning 180 no comply shuvits, and nollie shuvits lately. I wanna perfect them by next week. So what're you doing tomorrow?
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Hell yeah @steezus sounds like a plan. I went night boarding today
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Oooh night boarding is too sketchy for me. People drive like idiots in my town, I'd rather take my chances with rogue golfers on the courses than idiots on the road hahaha @tristendamon Seems really fun though, I'm disappointed that its unsafe to do it here ):
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It's all good, I actually have lit trails and stuff on my campus
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i would practice my slides but New York whether has decided to dump buckets everywhere....
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Ha nice, just saw that on NFL am
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