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[1st-Nov-14] Live Card: Salt Lake-LA (MLS Western Conference Semi-Final 1st Leg)

The final live card of the evening sees the 2013 Western Conference Semi-Final re-match between Real Salt Lake & the LA Galaxy. Refresh regularly for updates. 1' - Underway at a very windy Rio Tinto Stadium. 5' - Keane off a throw in finds space but it's right at Rimando and the MLS all time leading keeper for clean sheets has it. 8' - Slow start to the game. LA have a bit of building play but they are dispossessed and the attack is over. 11' - Salt Lake with an effort from distance close to goal and put over for a corner. It's knocked down but put wide on a good chance for Salt Lake. 15' - Beltran almost has a howler as he almost gives up possession before LA gain in the midfield and charge down for a corner. The wind is really affecting this game. The corner comes to nothing. 17' - Going to be running about a minute behind now. We lost power for a second and it took a minute to get the route reconnected. 19' - Donovan settles a lob that he almost heels onto Keane who would have been all alone but the Salt Lake defense is just a step ahead of the play. 21' - Real win a free kick that comes into the box and is kicked out before it's brought back in and headed just over. 23' - Galaxy get very lucky. Plata was in alone but it's flagged down for offsides. Replay shows Plata was actually onsides. 25' - Salt Lake with wonderful movement forward on the left for a cross that's just put behind for a corner. They take the corner short but the play is intercepted by LA and cleared. 30' - Tackles are flying in and it's all going off. Plata thought he was fouled but it looked fair enough. He then makes another run that is flagged down for offsides, this time correctly. 31' - LA now on the attack as Donovan's shot wins a corner. They play it short in a 1-2 before the cross goes over everyone. 37' - Salt Lake with a huge chance that's saved and the rebound De La Garza puts his body in front to just pull away from goal. LA come down the field and it's ruled offsides but the replay shows that was onsides. Salt Lake comes down the field and the LA keeper plows over Plata but Plata's called for the foul. Looked like it could have been a penalty. Brilliant game so far. 41' - Donovan with a searching run on the left is onsides and cuts it back for a good chance for Robbie Keane but it gets stuck in his feet and is cleared. 43' - Real with a chance now as they bring the ball down to the edge of the box near the left post where Morales has a go but it's just over the near corner. 45' - No stoppage to be played. Half Time Salt Lake 0-0 Los Angeles 46' - Back underway. Salt Lake with it on the left before cutting back to Plata who puts it on after a deflection but a WORLDLY save from the LA keeper keeps it scoreless. 49' - LA with the ball bring it forward before Salt Lake break up a pass that looks like it was handled but the ref says no and it's cleared. 51' - Salt Lake win a free kick in a very promising position. IT's put into the mixer but the keeper clears. LA comes down on the counter but Keane takes it too far to the byline and Rimando handles his cross. Salt Lake counter and are fouled 32 yards out. Gonzalez is booked for the challenge. 52' - Beckerman fires the free kick but it's well over. 60' - Both sides struggling with the wind now. 62' - Real bring the attack down the left but Plata's cross is right at Penedo. 65' - LA bring play down to their left now with Donovan picking up a loose ball and running to the byline but his cross is swallowed by Rimando. 67' - Wingert fouls Zardes and is booked for the occasion. 69' - Keane goes down in the box but the ref gives nothing and Salt Lake on the break get Plata in space on the right post but Penedo makes another world class save. He's fouled after the save and the attack for Salt Lake is over. 73' - Salt Lake pump the ball in on the follow up to a free kick where Beckerman gets a head on goal but wide. 74' - Real with a free kick and a chance in the box on the run but it hits off the back of Gonzalez and out for a throw. 75' - Real again on the attack before a cross from the right is out for a corner. The corner goes towards goal with the wind but Penedo clears it. 77' - Rogers is booked for a foul near the touchline. 78' - Real on the attack again on the left but Plata's cross is taken by Penedo. 81' - LA on a counter before Rimando snuffs a cross. Both teams still with full subs remaining. 82' - Real with attacking play on the right but the cross is again held by Penedo. 84' - Free kick from about 40 yards out is caught in the wind and blows towards goal. Penedo at full extension gets a hand to tip it out for a corner but it looks to have taken something from the keeper. He gets back on his feet. The corner comes out to Holland who through traffic just whistles it wide. 87' - First sub of the match as Husidic is off for Gordon from the LA camp. 90' - Penedo has to make a find save after a ball drops to Morales that he puts towards the far post. Beckerman gets a touch from the corner but it hits the side netting. Full Time Salt Lake 0-0 Los Angeles Analysis: Penedo deserves his man of the match award with 6 saves. Salt Lake were the better side and have the slight advantage going into the 2nd leg now. They looked better on the wings but LA looked quick on the counter. LA did not throw enough numbers forward when countering and that led to them not generating anything more than the 1 shot on target
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