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KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-yeong" rated the highest percentage and ranked first place. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 24th, "My Daughter Seo-yeong" on the 16th rated 29.1%. This is 5.8% higher than the previous score and the best record. "My Daughter Seo-yeong" is filling up the space of its former "Unexpected You". "My Daughter Seo-yeong" is a family drama about a father embracing his daughter despite the fact that she cut all ties with him due to him putting her in misfortune. The cast includes Cheon Ho-jin, Lee Bo-yeong, Lee Sang-yoon, Park Hae-jin, Park Jeong-ah and CN Blue Lee Jung-shin. Meanwhile, MBC drama "May Queen" rated 17.1%, KBS 1TV "The Great King's Dream" rated 11.7% and SBS "Five Fingers" rated 10.0%. "Tasty Life" rated 10.7%. Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/my-daughter-seo-yeong-ranks-highest-47797.html#mDxiEzwshRkTkIGL.99
ep 1 and 2 are the only eps that are subbed..yeah, it's good and i like her character here.. .
ohh i've been watching this..!! trust me, it's a thoroughly well made drama with a great storyline and great acting.. u guys will enjoy this a LOT !! haha
well actually, me too.. hahaha, but i am very curious so i'm gonna start watching this maybe tomorrow... the ratings high so i guess this drama is really good...^^
havent tuned in yet...