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One of my favorite Stu Hamm arrangements while he was touring with Joe Satriani - Taking Satriani's "Love Thing" and arranging it for bass - giving the melody a deeper - and in my opinion - sensuous voice. I have been a guitarist for 32 years. I do not play bass like a bassist. I treat the instrument like a melodic, solo instrument. Something about E,A,D,G a full octave lower than I've played it for so long is beautiful, haunting, and much more appealing to my ears.
I love that you just take your own style: not playing the bass like a bassist, lowing the octave to suit your ears, etc. My dad has a lot of instruments, and he also likes to make it what he wants: experimenting, fiddling around, not exactly "knowing" what he's doing, but loving it anyways. @MikeLMiller You'll definitely enjoy this.
Correct my dear, I much enjoyed and will be sharing with a bassist friend.