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I'm learning how to dance on my Longboard one damce move at a time. Do you guys have any tips for people learning how to dance? I personally found that if you practice the steps in your room on your board enough it becomes muscle memory after a certain point.
I've been practicing all summer after watching tons of videos and I just started off going super slow and gradually increased my speed over time. It's odd at first to move around like that and maintain your center of gravity while rollin down the street. Throwing the carving in there after I got acquainted with things really helped to make it flow nicely. Also when I listened to music, I seemed to be less calculated and let go and had much more fun!
What @TylerPaluszak said, don't be like a robot. Go with the flow of the board and you'll be fine and lookin steezy in no time
Have you ever cross-stepped before? Thats he building block to dancing, and its a very good skill to know. And i practice inside my house barefoot on the tape first, then I go in the grass with shoes on. Then I take it to the streets.
Carving is the only problem I have. Doing the tricks while moving no problem. Add in carving side to side and either I'm on the ground or my board is sent flying. I guess ite just a bunch of practice
@steezus That was the biggest problem I had in the beginning. Remembering to carve while I was moving my feet. Practice makes perfect!
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