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Here's my next contribution to the Black & White photo challenge. Thanks @photogandy for the nomination! I took this last year (almost exactly! I believe this was early November 2013) while traveling in Japan. The weekend was warmer I expected so the group I was with took advantage of the parks and historical sites. I love how you'd never know this photo was taken in the middle of a busy city :) I nominate @danidee for the B&W challenge!
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@photogandy It's gorgeous! I hope you get to visit sooner than later :)
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You're right, I would have never guessed this was in a big city!
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I love reminds me of the central parks in Mexico City. Japan looks so nice!
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This is so pretty! you're right, I wouldn't have guessed that its in a city!
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@caricakes FOR THE RECORD I'm STILL accepting the challenge.
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