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i fell in love with Lee Jun Ki when i first saw him on the kdrama 'My Girl"...since then ive been collecting his pics here and there...
I really like him, he is cute and handsome. Love you oppa^_~
YES, in TKATC, he looked soo feminine thats why i said he's so pretty, lolz...i loved him in "my girl" although he didnt get the girl :( ...yes, he was great in ilijimae and now that he's in arang, i have to agree with you he is more handsome now....
i'm on to ep 5 and am loving it.. i first saw lee jun ki in the king and the clown, he look so feminine there with soft white skin that i became curious about him... then i watch iljimae, he was great there.. and i love him more here in arang... from being cute, he turned to being handsome now... ^^
i've seen my girl and it was good..though i became more of a lee junki fan after watching arang..but i really felt bad for him in my girl
yes, his hair was lonnngg too but he's soo pretty, lolz
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