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The New York Times has made a wonderful collection of interviews, photos, and stories written about, by, and for men and women living with breast cancer. These pieces are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but what I love about every single one is that there is always a sense of hope. One of my favorite stories was a humorous list of the postive side effects of breast cancers: 1. Spare time because of no hair (washing, drying, curling, etc.). 2. No need to shave legs or armpits (but then again, no desire to be seen in public in a skirt or sleeveless dress). 3. No scouting for facial hairs to be plucked because they're not supposed to be there. 4. The heating bill goes down in winter (chemo-induced menopause and its associated hot flashes). 5. A socially sanctioned period of it being O.K. to recline a lot (a revelation to those of us who have "look busy" bred into them). There are currently about 300 stories, and more are being added every day. To add your own or join the conversation on the blog, simply sign in to your NYTimes account. You can read them all here:
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This is so inspiring. Makes me appreciate life more!