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it all started with the tdrama "Autumn's Concerto" the rest became history as my love for him grew...*fan-girl swoons*...
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for some reason...i cant bring myself to watch meteor garden...maybe its b/c i saw BOF the kdrama first and then having to go back and watch the taiwan version, i had a hard time with it.
it was a great drama... why don't you give it a try... but let me tell you, once you start watching it, you won't be able to stop...^^ BOF is good but meteor garden is great.. that's the difference..... =)
oh, did i already say that i love his abs? hahahahha
okay, ill give it a try one of these days and ill let you know what i think but for the time need to quit staring at my man's abs, lolz...nah, just kidding and yes, he has delish abs!!!