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I never thought I'd need to be writing this card, but apparently there are people out there that need to be told: don't take selfies with bears! The Forest Service out at Lake Tahoe has officially added this to their list of "bear safety tips" because it has become a problem. If you check out these selcas (found on Instagram) you'll see that some people don't have the common sense to give these big guys a wide breadth. In fact, it seems like some get even closer to get their photo. We have a healthy bear population where I live. Remember, these are wild animals. Not pets, even though they may eat off your porch and come onto your property. My experience with them has been one of them being curious mostly but they are wild animals and can attack in a heart beat. For the sake of the bear give them a wide berth. Remember if you get attacked or injured, someone will want to put the bear down to “protect” others, not the bear. Relocation is not always a viable option most times bears return to native ground. Leave them alone, and skip that selfie! Note: two of these pics have been taken off instagram, but I had saved the photos.
Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine taking the time to get my phone out if there was a bear that close to me I'd be way too scared!
The bear is sacred to my culture and tradition. doesn't mean I'm gonna take selfies w one haha.. duuhh.
this is how nature thins out the herd, kill off the weak and dumb
I'm with you, @yakwithalan, I thought this was sort of an unspoken universally understood rule?
@pixiedust LOL same here. I would be running away!
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