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I am omnipresent But perceiving me is not rare; nor hard to find I am every king, ruler, and every pathetic man’s fatal friend I roam far and wide, but for many I claim daily Some in tears, many in fear But rarer yet in open arms Riding away with you in my chariot, I see thy life Hatred, anger, love and happiness The ringing of laughter, the taste of saltiness of ones tears These are but some of your memories Try as I might to lock these up But they seem to be freed of ones own accord For I am unable to touch, nor destroy it Yet one’s memories interest me It’s filled with one’s unrequited longing… regret For something they’ll never obtain Their Achilles' heel for not being able to hide and lick one’s wounds But instead be repeatedly stabbed, always yearning I feel the need to console, comfort them even But it’s impossible, because I will only bring more pain Because for every hope I want to fulfill I fail, for I am the very epitome of one’s calamity Collecting souls each day, whilst awaiting my next vision Of freshly picked memoirs
@greggr Thank you for your kind words. I've written this a long while ago, just thought I'd put it up for those who appreciate poems and all, so thanks :) @timeturnerjones Thanks so much for your input, I'm thankful you even read it. Thanks again. @WyattHaste I haven't heard of you but I'll be sure to read your poems, and being compared to someone, it's quite humbling itself. Thanks for even having a read :) Thanks you all :D
@Acezsinkillx I truly enjoyed it, so thank you for pulling it out for us to read.
@WyattHaste I'm glad you enjoyed it! I knew you would :) @Acezsinkillx I'm happy to read and enjoy ^^
thanks for tagging me this is amazing. I can't stop reading it. genuinely humbled by it.
@WyattHaste I think you would enjoy this! Many of the ideas it explores are similar to those you have expressed in your works as well. @Acezsinkillx I really enjoyed this!
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