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Ambassador Ethan Cochard teaches the elusive Backside Check. Check the youtube account: loadedambassadors
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The LoadedAmbassadors and LoadedNewsletter channels have some of the best trick tips I've ever seen. There's also a very good place to find all these trick tips called the Tricktionary. I'll find a link and post it.
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Love loadedambassadors channel @steezus
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@steezus i agree these guys know what they are talking about
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Yeah @RobynSecor they make the best edits, they have the best trick tips, and they look like they have fun doing it! Thats what it's all about. It's not just another day at work for them, its GET HYPED BRO ITS SKATE DAY and thats what I wanna do for a living. Thats the 'Murican dream.
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