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Descending well on a road bike is a fantastic feeling - here are 10 tips on how to do it faster and safer. Because you're traveling at a faster speed, it pays to keep looking ahead and anticipating the road in front of you. This enables you to stay safe by spotting hazards, but also gives you the potential to go faster by picking the best lines through corners. As well as awareness, thinking about your body position, how you distribute your weight on the bike and how you use your brakes are all factors in improving your descending technique. The best way to improve is through practice!
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Loved this. I used to kart back when I was a kid and descending on the bike reminds me a lot of the thrill I got when racing karts. A lot is the same in terms of racing line and break points and it just brings back all those amazing memories. Descending is the best part of the ride for sure.