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Should you pedal in circles or just push down on the pedals? Clipless pedals are used by every professional road cyclist, yet, according to some, these pedals just aren't as efficient as flat pedals. Apparently, you shouldn't pull up or the pedals or pedal in 'circles', rather you should just push down. Of course this doesn't account for all the various things the road will through at you, even accelerating at speed.
I think the test was still really done to see if there was a difference in controlled flat riding. I actually expected a slightly larger difference, but still realized there were no steep climbs, paceline yoyo and sprints to really show the advantages of the clipless.
Clipless all the way, I don't care what an indoor test tells me. Like they said, it's all about external variables
I feel more at one with my bike using clipless. After riding this way for 4 years, platforms just feel plain weird! Clipless feels far more natural to me than the toe-mashing on platform pedals.
a significant factor in oxygen consumption can be discerned if you look at the experiment with aerobic and anaerobic processes at work. with the clips on, your back/up stroke coupled with the forward/down stroke in perfect syncopation between feet, provides for a less effort aerobic oxygen consumption, whereas the forced downstroke of the pedals due to the lack of effective back stoking, shifts the balance of the exercise toward anaerobic. This considered, one could reasonably hypothesize this to be the difference in oxygen consumption. during g aerobics, the body utilizes oxygen for productivity, but during anabolics, creatine is utilized more readily. Just a thought. Perhaps another expirement measuring creatine usage?
Very surprising. I won't be switching over anytime soon though. Last time I tried to use flat pedals my feet came flying off and I almost crashed. Never again!
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