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Hi,I'm Thai people. You can call me "Noon" I love everything about Korea Nice to meet you all ^[]^~<3
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Hi Noon! It's really great to meet you :)
6 years ago·Reply
hiiii^^ nice to meet you too :) I am from Peru :) I love korea too ;)
6 years ago·Reply
hi ka^^ i'm also from Thailand, i'm proud ^^ never knew there is any Thai on vingle ^^ dee jai makkmakkk ;eayy ^^ yin dee tee dai roo jak na ka
6 years ago·Reply
hellooo noon! i love ur hair keke you look very cute! so happy to meet kpop kdrama fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD! who is ur favourite korean star??? mine is JANG GEUN SEUK <3
6 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet you Noon! you are pretty!! ><//
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