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What do you think is the reason why B1A4’s songs receive so much love? Jinyoung: I think it’s because the songs contain stories that anyone may come across in their daily lives so people like it. It’s the stories of people our generation. Sandeul: I agree with Jinyoung hyung. Apart from our album, we also work hard to show a variety of concepts and stage performances. I think the fans like that side of us, so we are really thankful. We’re curious where you get your musical influences. Jinyoung: I get a lot of inspiration from my daily life. I am constantly making melodies, and I’m not the type to adhere to a specific time for making music. I like watching movies, and there are times that I get inspiration while watching. I also get ideas from listening to the stories of people around me. CNU: I am similar to Jinyoung. I immediately record down something when I get the inspiration for it in my daily life. And to maximize the emotions, I pay more attention to the things and people around me. Baro: I receive a lot of help from the members, and listen to opinions a lot. I do not set aside time specially to write lyrics. Be it when I’m listening to music alone at home, lying comfortably in the hotel room on tour, or when watching a movie. Whenever inspiration hits me, I note them all down in a notebook. When making music, are there any disputes amongst the members? Sandeul: There haven’t been much disputes we’ve had while making music. Gongchan: It’s been 4 years since our debut so I think we’ve come up with some know-hows. To prevent any disputes from arising, we would discuss the song way ahead of production. We discuss a lot about how to improve the song. Because we produce while sharing opinions, even if there are disputes it eventually leads to a better direction for the song. Are you preparing for your next album? Jinyoung: We are constantly working on our album. Due to our busy schedules we may not be able to work on them everyday, but whenever we have time we wrote lyrics and compose songs. Please hold on for a while more and wait for B1A4’s next album. CNU: The exact time period for the sale of our next album has not been decided upon, but we are always wondering about and preparing what we should show the fans next. Baro: I feel that whatever B1A4 has shown everyone thus far is only a part of us. There are many genres and concepts that we wish to try in future. We will repay everyone with good music, as much as everyone believes in and waits for us! We are curious about your individual activities in the near future. Jinyoung: Right now I need to focus on musical activities, but if there is a chance I want to challenge acting once more. I think the fans like a side of me that is different from the one they see on stage. CNU: I think the same as Jinyoung. There is a feeling of exhilaration, one that is different from the feelings of being on stage. I want to meet my fans as both a musician and an actor. Sandeul: I want to do more musical. I really enjoyed the previous musical I did, and was really happy. Baro: I want to do more acting. I have not been able to participate in many dramas, but I felt the charm of acting. I want to act in my own color. Gongchan: I participated actively in variety programs during our previous promotions, and the fans liked it a lot. I want to expand the things I do, not only music but also variety and acting. This is your first world tour. Sandeul: We’re giving it our all in ROAD TRIP shows, and with a happy mindset because we get to meet our fans from other countries.The culture may differ, but I felt the same passion for music. Baro: I feel that we learn a lot and become a lot mature from meeting the fans from all over the fans. I want to make better music and put on better performance through the memories shared and experiences made! Gongchan: We have had a concert annually since 2012, but the meaning behind having to be able to do a world tour feels very different. How does it feel to see so many fans enjoying your concert from on stage? Baro: There are many times it gets overwhelming. And I feel in those moments that I have to do better. In order to treasure these memories for a long time, I have been taking pictures of the fans from the different countries all throughout the tour! Sandeul: The feeling of exhilaration from being on stage is something that cannot be expressed in words. Because I’m usually so active on stage there are times that I get breathless, but seeing the fans enjoy the show excitedly I don’t feel tired and instead get more energy! It’s your fourth concert since debut, do you have any secret know-hows you’re learned? CNU: We have been travelling with a band for this concert too. We’ve fallen into the charms of a live performance that happens as we match to the band. Our songs are edited for the band during the concert and they have a very different sound from the original songs. Gongchan: I think I have learnt how to match to our fans! Firstly eye contact is important. Greeting every fan through my eyes and hands makes the atmosphere much hotter. Are there any special episodes from your long world tour? Jinyoung: The hotel room in Taiwan had a bathroom that was so huge all five of us could go in. And so we sang one of our songs impromptu. We made music by using things we found in the bathroom. It was amazing to realize that we could make music that way too. CNU: In the first row at one of our Australia shows sat a guy with a robust physique. He had a sprout hairband on, sang along to all our songs and cheered us on, leaving a very deep impression on me. I was very touched at how everyone enjoyed our music together. Is there anything you’re preparing for the main Seoul concert in November? CNU: I cannot reveal what we’re preparing now but there is something special for the Korean fans so please look forward to it (laugh). We will work hard at preparing so please hold on for a while and wait for us! We’re curious about the reasons why you guys have been regularly been participating in good deeds, other than having donation booths. Jinyoung: Actually, I’m not too sure if ‘good deed’ is a word that we can use. More than a ‘good deed’, we’re just doing things we can out of kindness so receiving this kind of question is a little embarrassing. We’re still lacking in many ways but we do feel that it’s a responsibility for us to give back to the community. CNU: We are idols that get a lot of support from teens in their 10s, so we do feel that every action of ours influences them greatly. Every small action we do gets viewed upon as a great issue so we are also very cautious. We are doing this so that those who do not receive as much spotlight from the community also gets viewed upon warmly too. How do you feel about the fans’ donation activities? CNU: Our fans are actually doing a lot of donating without showing it off outwardly. They send a lot of donation certificates in our name to the office. I am really proud that such people are my fans, and I definitely feel a lot more responsible. Sandeul: I am very happy and thankful! Should I say it’s the feeling of the fans becoming one with what we meant to do..? Gongchan: I feel the same as Sandeul hyung. It’s really cool and I feel really proud of the fans actively participating in doing good. BANAs! I sincerely thank you and I love you. (laugh) Jinyoung: To the Korean fans who are now waiting for us! I really miss all of you. We are working really hard to prepare for the concert so please just wait a little while more. CNU: With Korea being the last stop of our ROAD TRIP, we are even more excited. I really miss our BANAs. And to the fans who are taking the national exams, you’ve been working very hard. Please work hard in the remaining time you have, and B1A4 is cheering you on and hoping you have a good outcome. Fighting! Gongchan: Has everyone watched the behind the scenes video from ROAD TRIP made for you BANAs? Even if you miss us, please watch those videos and hold on for a while more. See you soon. Sandeul: Our concert is 2 days after the national exams. They say the day of the examinations is going to be extremely cold. BANAs who are taking the exams, please dress warmly. Your health is most important so please spend some effort taking care of yourself. Sit for the exams confidently, and come to our concert to release all the pent up stress and anxiety. Source: Navercast Translation Credits: skipfire