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Hey guys, today I want to share with you guys with one of my favorite artist, Eugenia Loli. Eugenia Loli is a Collage Artist. Loli digitally manipulates photos from vintage magazines, vintage science magazines. Loli's works remind me of pop art, Dada, surrealism era. Funny thing is that Loli didn't start career off as an artist. Loli used to be a nurse, but later on changed career path to become a program developer, and after that also worked as a tech journalist. Loli became collage artist in the year 2013. pretty impressive. isn't it? Check out more of Eugenia Loli's work through flickr! There's tones of more impressive works posted: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eugenia_loli/
These are incredible! I love the vintage imagery she uses.
Wow! Her story is inspiring!! Programmer? Tech journalist? Now Artist? So cool! :)
Very talented! I really love this work!