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How awesome it is! I love them!
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@syairah12 lol we just treat them arts. If we don't ,we can't wait to eat all of them.
5 years ago·Reply
hahaha.. I thought it`s the real ones..haha...keke
5 years ago·Reply
@syairah12 I mean we need to grow our patience not to eat all of cakes. :) But yeah, It's always hard to treat them just art products.
5 years ago·Reply
@chosungirl ooo.. I see.. now, I understand..hehe.. yeah, have to grow our patience not to eat all of the cakes..but I wish to try eating them,,keke..
5 years ago·Reply
@syairah12 Well, If I have a chance to choose one of the all kinds of cakes, I would pick up a cheese cake. I'm sure it is the best in the world.
5 years ago·Reply