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Went for a post-storm skate trip. Just got back a few minutes ago.

My. Board. Is. So. Dirty. And, don't carve in the rain. My wheels slid out and I landed on my knee, then I slid a few feet on my side. Hurt like hell. When I got to the gas station for my clif bar and Gatorade, the checkout bro gave me some sketchy looking disinfectant spray. I politely declined, because it had some blood on the spray nozzle and it was pretty nasty. Then I skated home. Yeah. Pretty good day, except for all the board cleaning thats ahead of me.
Those pictures don't even do it justice. It is as dirty as a Vegas hooker.
UPDATE: my bearings are literally dead. They locked up and rusted, so now I'm using my bones reds until I get new ones. RIP in peace Magic Shrooms.
join the club... Note: don't cruise through town for Halloween when it's snowing/raining
Yeah, I'm regretting going out now.
Thanks I'll check it out!
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