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Hello all, I decided to come to all of you to help me decide what type of longboard I should get!! I have my choices pinned down to four... Landyachtz, sector 9, Arbor, and Loaded. Please give me your input, what each of them are best for, rate them from one to four, advantages/disadvantages, price range, and what type of accessories/equipment I should also get. Thanks ahead of time everyone!!
The best possible boards you could get, in my opinion, are Loaded and Rayne. Loaded is very expensive, and rayne isn't cheap either but both are of VERY great quality. Sector 9 boards are for more...lighter styles of riding. Cruising, light freeride and light freestyle. Loaded, rayne, and Landyachtz are all for more intermediate to advanced. Don't get me wrong, the Sector 9 downhill division boards are great. But there are much better companies out there. Now I recommend Paris trucks, Orangatang Stimulus, and Magic Shrooms bearings. These are pretty expensive brands, and your total would be anywhere from $250-$350 depending on the board and if the stuff has been used.
Landyachtz are known for their downhill disciplined decks. Price should be in the medium range, about 120-180. Lots of their boards come with drops and w concave, which is good for locking your feet in during slides, pushing, etc. I'd go with these if you're looking into LDP, freeride, downhill. Sector 9 has some nice and cheap boards, which is why it's the go to board for casual riders that is looking for light cruising, carving, commuting, etc. however, there is a line of boards called the "Downhill Division", which are pretty good boards for downhill/freeride. I personally have no experience with Arbor but I would assume it's pretty similar to Sector 9. I'd go with either of these brands if you just want a cheap but decent board. Loaded, in my opinion is kind of overpriced. A lot of people like the nice flex they have, especial because you can choose accordingly to your weight. Just buying a deck though will cost you more than $200. All in all, it's all going to be personal preference and what you're looking to do with the boards. I'd go to a local skate shop and try the boards in person, see if you like the feel of it, research more on silverfish or something. It's hard to give each of these brands a number rating because there are so many variables that affect your ride, such as the trucks you use, the wheels, bushings, etc.. Tell us what you are planning to do and it'll make it much easier for other people to help you.
I ride my trucks tighter on downhill than I do when cruising/carving. The back truck is tight so I'm stable back there, that's where wobbles start, the front are not as tight as the back so I can still maneuver out of trouble or whatever. You adjust your trucks based on how your riding at the moment and the bushing involved. You want your board to spring back into place after you turn or lean into a curve. An inexperienced rider hitting a high speed can freak and over correct and riding too loose can lead to trouble. I agree you need some maneuverability, you can't ride so stiff you can't go anywhere but straight but you also can't ride so loose your trucks jangle around and are full of slop. Has a lot to do with finding a good balance, no pun intended, with how you are riding at the moment. For me lower speed riding means my trucks are "loose" so I can make hard quick turns. Faster riding, hitting hills, especially new places, I change set up and ride stiffer, the idea is to ride so that you are in control. I have a feeling we are all meaning close to the same thing. @blakegardiner @steezus
Gonna throw you a curve and say try Gravity Skateboards they have a board for whatever you need. I've emailed board shops and spoke on line with board shops and they agree Gravity makes quality boards the Miura 36 reviews are some of the best. I was looking at getting a Landyachtz Tomahawk and Daddies, Muirskate and some riders on IG I know say the Miura is one of the best all around boards out there. It's designed for cruising, downhill, free ride, pools, street whatever you throw at it! I spent months on line reading reviews watching videos and talking with board companies. Gravity maintains that old school 70's skate/surf vibe while creating quality boards for today's riding disciplines. Before you ask no I don't work for Gravity lol! Just remember it's not really the board it's the rider. Don't get me wrong I understand you want your money in the right place and to not be disappointed or feel cheated but the board is only the medium you determine the rest. Is this your first board?
thank you all for all of the feedback, I will definitely tell all of you my choice once I get it. I always thought LY was the best, but I'm glad you all told me allot sector nine...I do plan on doing a lighter freestyle/cruising. My choice will probably be LY or sector nine depending on how much money I have by Christmas. thanks to all of you again!
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