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What board should I get?
Hello all, I decided to come to all of you to help me decide what type of longboard I should get!! I have my choices pinned down to four... Landyachtz, sector 9, Arbor, and Loaded. Please give me your input, what each of them are best for, rate them from one to four, advantages/disadvantages, price range, and what type of accessories/equipment I should also get. Thanks ahead of time everyone!!
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Agreeing with @drlizardo and @shulace GO TO YOUR LOCAL SHOP! Most shops in my experience let you stand on the board, albeit without shoes, but you can still get the feel of the board under your feet and see if you like it. If you have the chance to get the feel of the board under you, do it. Also with all the brands we've been stating, it all does depend on your personal preference. Get what feels good to you!
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@drlizardo loose trucks save lives. Most important thing for advice is what the OP plans to be doing with his board ultimately
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@BlakeGardiner loose trucks can also end lives if you're into downhill.
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I ride my trucks tighter on downhill than I do when cruising/carving. The back truck is tight so I'm stable back there, that's where wobbles start, the front are not as tight as the back so I can still maneuver out of trouble or whatever. You adjust your trucks based on how your riding at the moment and the bushing involved. You want your board to spring back into place after you turn or lean into a curve. An inexperienced rider hitting a high speed can freak and over correct and riding too loose can lead to trouble. I agree you need some maneuverability, you can't ride so stiff you can't go anywhere but straight but you also can't ride so loose your trucks jangle around and are full of slop. Has a lot to do with finding a good balance, no pun intended, with how you are riding at the moment. For me lower speed riding means my trucks are "loose" so I can make hard quick turns. Faster riding, hitting hills, especially new places, I change set up and ride stiffer, the idea is to ride so that you are in control. I have a feeling we are all meaning close to the same thing. @blakegardiner @steezus
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@drlizardo you're more along my thought train. By loose I don't mean you think to turn, rather you don't need to grab rail every time you hit a corner. I see plenty of people out here that ride their trucks so stiff they need to shed lots of speed and grab rail to turn. One of my friends rode a Nemesis with Smokies so tight I couldn't even lean it and I had a good 30lbs on him, of course he crashed by trying to keep up with my roommate (who is a dwarf, so he was guilt tripped into going faster) and went off the road by not being able to turn
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