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The Gear 2 is a bit on the large size, but I know some females that wear them and I think they look fine. @csgeek you may want to check out the LG G watch as a smaller alternative to the Gear 2. Also, Michael Kors fashion watches have made the large size watches more acceptable for women. In that case, I would look at the Moto 360. With the round bezel and a multitude of watch faces available, you may find that a better fit.
@TechAtHeart My friend has the Gear 2. It's ok, I just wish these wearables could have designs fit for female wrists as well....
@DanWest wow thank you so much for the recommendations! @csgeek like @DanWest said, you should check thise out!
@csgeek hmmm, that's true! I had a Texas instruments wearable years ago...given to me for free to test out and that was my main issue for it. It was too large and boxy for my wrist. I haven't seen the Gear 2 in person....but either way that is misfortunate :/
What are your thoughts on the Gear 2?