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Just had to share. Finally found the sweetest of skate spots after 6 months of skating my neighborhood and local greenway. It felt amazing. If there's anyone near Chattanooga lets hit up Enterprise South nature park sometime. Decent hills and private roads!
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Jealous, I'm nowhere near Chattanooga haha
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Congrats on finding a good spot mann.. its always thrilling to find new spots
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I love when you find that perfect spot and you think no body else knows about it. Eventually you will (probably) run into another longboarder. If you do make sure you go say whats up!
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I was hoping i would. There are already other people since its a nature preserve. Its owned and preserved by VW who has an adjacent plant. The site of the park was used years ago as ammunition storage for a dynamite manufacturer, so there are lots of roads winding through.
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