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My girlfriend loves my Sector. I am thinking of putting new grip, some calibers, and new wheels on it and giving it to her for her birthday. what do you guys think?
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As long as you guys are being safe (get your minds out of the gutter) then I don't see why her parents wouldn't like her longboarding.
Her parents are just assholes. Like I let her borrow my board and her dad said you can't have the board and when she pleaded with him he said that she could keep it but he would sell her car. So yeah they are kind of assholes. So I was gonna give it to her for her birthday next year when she turns 18
go for it. I'm trying to find people around where I live to skate with. but you font see really anyone on longboards.
That's shitty. I feel though. My rents freak out every time I walk out the door with my board XD
hahaha the title