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My key to self happiness- my Loaded Tan Tien, flex of 1. Runnin Paris trucks, bones red bearings, and just upgraded to Orangatang 86a's after I started with Abec 81a's..
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Nope, no caption. But those are pretty good photos, I'm gonna pick up 86a stims too!
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My main photo was taken with my gopro hero3 black. I love the camera. And yes going from 81a to 86a was so awesome, I can slide a lot- right off the bat.. I still need to get gear and fully commit to doing some sliding tho. I only like... Fish tale it a lot lol, wouldn't call it a slide
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gotta get them involved when they're young ;)
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Parking garage bombing is so much fun if you find the right garage!
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I love how the dog gets invalid as well.
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