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Holiday season is the perfect reason to accessorize your home inside out. One of the things I look forward to do during November is warm-up my room with fall fragrance. The common areas (living room and bathroom) are my favorite place to freshen up. However, I usually invest more time sanitizing and beautifying the bathroom. Everyone would appreciate brushing their teeth while enjoying the pleasant aroma of spices. Here are a few ways to spice up your bathroom with fall scents. I'm talking about cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, apple-spice, fig and musk. My smell sense is pretty sensitive so overly strong floral fragrance are too intense for my nose. 1. Burn mixture of candles I like making my own candles (tutorial soon!) because I'm really picky with scents. However, if you don't have time to do that I suggest lighting up at least three scented candles to balance the fragrant. I love vanilla, but I don't want to have that smell for the whole month. I like mixing rosemary, lemon, and vanilla to create a sweet earthy scent. 2. Make dried potpourri If you have children it's best not to have candles in the bathroom. An alternative is combining dried ingredients in a jar to create a long-lasting scent. They're also low maintenance! My favorite potpourri mixture is nutmeg, cinnamon and apple spice. 3. Scented Toilet Paper Roll You might find this weird but I love dabbing a few drops of essential oil to the inside of toilet paper roll. Every time I pull off a square the aroma will be released into the air. Fall essential oils are the best! Although, I do love peppermint oil. Image courtesy: FreePeople
Already lighting up the candles in my home. In addition to the pleasant smell, I love how it warms up my room. No heater for me this winter!
Oooh wow. My mom would love this as a gift!
@stargaze I actually use it to heat up my room as well!
I usually hate the smell of potpourri but that nutmeg mix sounds like it could smell nice :)