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Today my sister took me to a newer vegan donut shop in our area, Donut Panic in Mission Gorge (San Diego, California). They had filled donuts, frosted, and even plain glazed in different flavors like Earl Grey, Rosewater Cardamom, Almond Joy, and Maple Veggie-Bacon. I decided this might be a good time to share my favorite West Coast vegan/vegetarian donut places, in the event you're visiting and want some sugary and cruelty-free. California: - Donut Friend (Los Angeles): This donut shop is located in Highland Park and owned by pop-punk music producer Mark Trombino, who worked on such indie classics as Jimmy Eat World's "Clarity" and Rilo Kiley's "More Adventurous". To keep with the theme, each donut is named after different 80s/90s indie greats, like Bacon 182 and S'Morrissey. Nevada - Ronald's Donuts (Las Vegas): This place is a small family owned shop a short drive from the strip. It's inexpensive, and offers more vegan options than simply donuts, including cinnamon rolls, honey buns, and bear claws. (This is consistently our last stop before the five hour drive back to San Diego. So good!) Oregon: - Voodoo Donuts (Portland): Probably the most famous of these donut shops. Voodoo makes incredibly unique flavors, perhaps the most famous one being a donut crafted to look just like a voodoo doll. They have well over a dozen vegan varieties each day, and if you preorder, you can even get a vegan donut the size of a shareable cake!
I have been to Ronald's Donuts and can attest that they are out of this world! Another great west coast location is Pepple's Donuts in the Ferry Building in SF :)
Well I love donuts but idk if I've ever had a vegan one. These places sound awesome tho, if my family ever goes out near one of them I'll definitely check it out!
@hikaymm Yeahhh, I've seen them on shows like that from time to time. It's totally a next level donut shop!
@vegantraveler I've heard of Pepple's Donuts, but I've never been. I've been meaning to head up to SF so I'll definitely have to stop there. :)
I've heard of Voodoo Donuts before! Maybe in one of those weird food network shows? I'm not sure! These look so yummy
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